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For parents, children, and anyone else who gets stressed. 
These 12 Pausing Life Skills Exercises, will help you move from your automatic emotional reaction to feel more settled in your mind and body. You will be able to choose how you want to respond.
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These Free 12 Quick, Practical Pausing Life Skills
Will Help You:
Know the Power of the Pause
You'll discover the power of pausing. I wish I had known this simple thing to do years ago, which is why I want to give you ways to do it. Everyone should know this stuff and have skilful ways to do it. We just aren't taught these "life-skills".
Choose What to Do or Say
Once you have settled yourself using one of MY 12 (FREE) QUICK, PRACTICAL, PAUSING "LIFE SKILLS" YOU will be able to choose what to say or do. YOU can only do this, once you have taken a moment to PAUSE and make a committed choice and not just react automatically.
Go From Reacting to Responding
Every one of us has evolved to scan for danger. You are normal. You and I automatically react. We react to danger to our physical self or to our sense of who we are (our self-concept). However, if we don't PAUSE momentarily, we will just react, which may not be the best choice.  
Gain Pausing Life Skills
Once you have these 12 Quick, Practical Pausing "Life-skills" in your toolbox, you will be able to practice them and use the ones you like best, and that help you the most. Where you find yourself in situations where PAUSING is helpful, instead of reacting, you will be able to respond. PAUSING IS POWERFUL. 
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The Simple Power of Pausing Allows You to Respond and Not Just Automatically React. That Simple Act is Life Changing.

Hello, hello, welcome and thanks for dropping in.

My name is Leonie Stewart, and I am a fully qualified counsellor, sports coach and mother of three grown-up children. I work five days a week helping clients see what they do and say and feel and believe and why they do and say and think and believe these things. I regularly give them strategies like the 12 pausing exercises to help them have quick, useful and practical ways to settle themselves in real life. I also work with my athletes to help them be the best version of themselves. 

I love the things I do. 

I have often thought about how I can help more people, and the obvious answer is to put these practical "life-skills" online and impact more people in beneficial ways. 

One of the good things about being in my 60's (just) is that I have experienced life and gained some wisdom and accumulated "life-skills." I want to share those skills with you. 

Of course, experience and wisdom don't exempt me from worries about the past and concerns for the future. However, they do support me. 

And yes! My life sometimes still trips me up. Just like your life does I imagine. 

But, I have been able to build inner resources and resilience. And I can help you do the same. The "life-skills" I now practice, enable me to respond instead of reacting in unhelpful ways. As corny as it sounds, I am currently on a mission to help more people, like you, have ways to settle yourself when your life gets bumpy. 
What Students Have to Say About Leonie
"I have learnt how to calm myself and see the more positive side of things by slowing myself down. The meditation fills me with no care, which means all my worries are placed on the outside of me (referring to clearing a space)."  
"Most of us get quite upset when we are worried, so More than Mindfulness has taught us to settle ourselves and just to pause when we are worried, and to settle ourselves."
"I would just like to add that I have become so confident about myself. I learnt how to be a mature and non-worried person. All the problems I was thinking about in the session I have put aside me but I wouldn't have done that if we didn't do the BEST program MORE than MINDFULNESS."
Getting 12 Quick, Practical, Pausing "Life-Skills" to Settle Yourself and Your Kids and Those You Love is Only a Step Away
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